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There are two major types of shower enclosures, framed and frameless. Both have their advantages.

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Considered the more luxurious choice among shower enclosures, frameless (sometimes called heavy glass shower doors) feature clean lines with minimal hardware and metal.

The glass is typically thicker (between 3/8” and 1/2”) and is completely tempered to increase the durability and safety of the enclosure. These shower doors tend to last longer than framed enclosures and are easier to clean due to the lack of crevices and other areas prone to corrosion.

These enclosures can be configured for nearly any space and come in a variety of glass colors and patterns. We have hardware finishes that match your existing or upgraded fixtures. Visit our online Gallery to see styles, glass colors, and patterns. Nothing adds to the elegance and beauty of a bathroom like a frameless enclosure.


This traditional enclosure is what you typically find in most builder-planned homes. Its proven design is functional and compliments a wide range of styles. These enclosures tend to be less expensive than frameless and can be used in any application and design. Normal configurations include single doors, doors with a panel (or multiple panels), 90° doors with a return over a half wall or tub, sliding doors for tubs, and neo-angle style doors (small 3-sided corner showers).

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Regardless of your choice, both styles offer a beautiful, functional, and stylish addition to any bathroom. Call today to have a certified technician give you a free quote on your dream enclosure.